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October 17, 2017by PVLSE0

Whether you’re a master of meditation or have never tried it before, you may find group meditation truly beneficial. This is not a new idea – spiritual groups have been practicing meditation together throughout history for its multitude of advantages. Though meditation is a personal journey, surrounding yourself with others provides support, motivation and energy that is valuable to your practice. Here are three reasons why group meditation is a good idea.

  1. Support

Meditation can be challenging, especially if you’re going through it alone. The support of other people with a common goal can be reassuring and uplifting. You can discuss both your difficulties and your joys with fellow meditators and give each other feedback about your experience.

  1. Motivation

A group will keep you motivated and accountable to your practice. When you’re on your own, it might be easy to just skip your meditation if you’re busy, but when you know other people are dedicated and counting on you to be present, you won’t want to let them down. Eventually, this group motivation may help you develop a good meditation habit.

  1. Energy

While you may create beautiful energy meditating alone, there is something indescribable about the energy flowing in a room of focused people meditating. This energy may be reason enough to participate in group meditation because it will inspire you and bring you to new heights.


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