Fitness4 Fun Activities for a Spring Day in the Park

May 2, 2018by PVLSE0

After a long, cold winter, the sun has finally decided to grace us with its presence. That means

it’s the beginning of park season. Weekday evenings and all weekend long, you can enjoy the green haven in your city and stay active at the same time. Whether you have an organized crew or head to the park on your own, there are bound to be activities to get involved in. We’ve rounded up our four favorite activities for a spring day in the park.


Running is the superior park activity because all you need is your sneakers. You can run alone, in pairs or with a pack. You can pick any pace you please, from a slow jog to a sprint, and you’ll still get your blood pumping. You can plug in to music or a podcast or just listen to the people and nature around you.


Your local park probably has a baseball diamond, but kickball is a better use for it than baseball. With a rubber ball and no bat, kickball takes the pressure off and players of all levels can have fun. Organize a group ahead of time or find some willing players when you get there.


There are always people at the park willing to play a pickup basketball game, and you don’t even need ten people. A game of three-on-three will have you running up and down the court frequently, which is great exercise.

Bodyweight Workout:

On your own or with a group, it’s easy to do some intervals in the grassy shade. From jumping jacks to squats to lunges to burpees, you don’t need to be in the gym to get in shape. If you can find a bench for step-ups, you’re set.

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