Nutrition4 Ways to Eat More Sustainably

May 27, 2018by PVLSE0

Even if we’re making healthy choices on a regular basis, it doesn’t mean we’re eating sustainably. Animal agriculture is hurting our planet and sustainable eating is the main way to combat this negative change on an individual level. If you’re already paying close attention to maintaining a balanced diet, making a few alterations may not be difficult for you and would really make a difference to the Earth. Here are four ways to eat more sustainably.

Minimize Meat and Dairy

The animal agriculture industry is responsible for pumping tons of methane into the atmosphere, using precious land and abusing water sources. By minimizing your meat and dairy consumption, you’ll be decreasing your carbon footprint.

Eat Local

You’re probably already buying organic groceries, so it shouldn’t be hard to buy local. Eliminate the miles your food has to travel to get to your plate. Produce grown nearby is likely far fresher than what’s shipped across the country, too.

Waste Less

According to the NRDC, up to 40% of food goes uneaten in the U.S. Food waste is a problem that you can help solve daily. Plan meals before you go grocery shopping, freeze the food you won’t be able to eat while it’s fresh and compost scraps!

Grow Some of Your Own

Build a small garden and see if you have a green thumb. Not only is it sustainable to grow your own food, but you can also harvest your crops when they are at peak nutrition and taste. The feeling of accomplishment is pretty great, too.

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