Fitness5 Bodyweight Exercises to Do in the Park

May 24, 2018by PVLSE0

Sometimes, it’s just too nice out to go to the gym. Any moment of the day you’re not at work, you simply have to be outside. Luckily for you, running isn’t the only way to exercise in nature. If it’s not a cardio day and you’d been planning on lifting, there are a ton of bodyweight exercises you can do that’ll help keep you toned. Most importantly, they can be done on a grassy spot beneath a tree so you can absorb all the nice weather. Here are five different bodyweight exercises to do for a park workout.


This bodyweight exercise works the quads, glutes, hips, hamstrings and core. For a standing lunge, step one leg forward and lower the body until the front knee is at a right angle. Then, rise and place the front leg back in standing position. Alternate legs as you go. For a walking lunge, each step forward should create a right angle with the front leg.


Another lower body exercise, squats work the glutes, quads, hips and hamstrings. Stand with feet a little wider than shoulder-length apart, bend your knees as deep as your mobility will allow and stick your butt out, while keeping the chest up.


This one is a classic that primarily works the pecs, triceps, deltoids and core. From plank position, lower your body towards the ground with your arms until they form a right angle, maintaining a strong core. Return to plank and repeat.


Speaking of plank position, holding it is a great bodyweight exercise for the core. Try it on your elbows or work your obliques with side planks.


To work your triceps, get on all fours with your butt hovering above the ground, hands and feet facing forward and your knees bent. Shift your weight back towards your hands and bend your elbows, lowering your body towards the ground without touching it. Return to straight arms and repeat.


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