Nutrition5 Ingredients You Didn’t Know Were Great in Smoothies

May 6, 2018by PVLSE0

Smoothies are a great way to pack in nutrients and nourish yourself on the go. Whether you’re mixing your own smoothie at home or picking one up from a shop, it’s likely you’re constantly drinking the same handful of ingredients. While kale, spinach, berries and bananas are great, there are ways to change up your smoothie routine. Here are five ingredients you didn’t know were great in smoothies.


Though watermelon, true to its name, is largely made of water, it’s also full of nutrients like vitamin A, which promotes healthy skin, vitamin B6, which helps your immune system, and potassium. Plus, its water content is great for a smoother, drinkable consistency.


If you’re already on the green smoothie train and on board with drinking your kale, spinach and celery, zucchini is an ideal ingredient to add to your repertoire. It’s low in calories, carbs and sugar, and high in vitamin A, vitamin C and fiber.


Did you know kiwis far exceed oranges in vitamin C content per serving? Well, it’s true. These little, green fruits, which bring addictive tart flavor to a smoothie, are also full of vitamins A, K and E.


If you’re looking to cut dairy out of your smoothie, cooked squash is a great substitute for creaminess. In terms of nutrients, acorn squash is your best bet, with tons of potassium, calcium and magnesium.

Cayenne Pepper

For a little kick and a lot of nutritional benefits, consider adding a small amount of cayenne pepper to your smoothie. It is said to help digestion and boost metabolism.

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