FitnessMeditationHow 3 Successful Entrepreneurs Stay in Killer Shape

April 12, 2018by PVLSE0

On top of building companies and thriving in their industries, many entrepreneurs know that keeping a healthy body and mind through exercise is integral to success. From engaging in outdoor activities like running and biking to working with personal trainers to squeezing in a group fitness class, these business-minded superhumans somehow manage to sweat it out during their busy days. Here, how three impressive entrepreneurs do their daily workout.


Ryan Holmes


Hootsuite founder and CEO Ryan Holmes is a self-described “serial entrepreneur,” as he has been starting companies since he was in high school. He is outspoken about the necessity of exercise for his employees and personally relies on yoga for both mental and physical health.


Karlie Kloss


Supermodel Karlie Kloss has walked the runway of nearly every high fashion designer imaginable, but she also helped to found Kode With Klossy, an organization aimed at empowering girls to code and pursue tech careers. Kloss, who has classical ballet training, doesn’t keep her exercise regimen a secret. She practices yoga, trains at cult gym Dogpound and ran the New York City Marathon last year.


Richard Branson


About a year ago, we saw billionaire founder of the Virgin Group Richard Branson showing former President Barack Obama a good time while kitesurfing in the Caribbean, but kitesurfing is actually the way Branson stays in shape. The English businessman and philanthropist has said that he wakes up around 5 a.m. to exercise. If there’s not enough wind for kitesurfing, then tennis, running or biking do the trick.

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