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April 12, 2018by PVLSE0

How to Find a Spotter at the Gym

Safety is the primary reason having a spotter at the gym is important, but there are other benefits, too. A spotter can help check your form and encourage you to lift more repetitions or heavier weights. The biggest obstacle is actually finding a spotter when you’re not already working out with a friend. Yes, it may feel awkward to ask a stranger, but you’re offering your spotting services in return and most people are more receptive than you think. Here are three tips for finding a spotter at the gym.

  1. Find someone who is just beginning their workout.

Everyone has their own schedule, so someone who looks all sweaty might be just finishing up their routine and getting ready to leave. Scan the gym for a person who is just getting started and might need a buddy for a half-hour or so.

  1. Offer your services first.

You’re not trying to trick anyone into helping you but offering someone a spot first is a friendly way to get a back-and-forth going rather than asking for a favor initially. Once you proven you’re a focused, useful partner, the other person will be far more likely to offer to spot you back.

  1. Be communicative.

Being shy when meeting new people won’t get you anywhere, especially in the gym. That doesn’t mean small talk is a good idea when lifting, but make sure to be clear about how many reps are being attempted and if a lift off is desired. The other person will appreciate straightforward communication.

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