MeditationMindful Eating and How to Do It

June 27, 2018by PVLSE0

Mindfulness, the state of being conscious and aware, has been trending lately. It’s commonly discussed as the goal of mindful meditation, a popular practice that uses breathing techniques and concentration to help focus and destress the mind. There is even an app called Headspace that guides beginners and experienced meditators through mindful meditation.

With this societal focus on mindfulness, it’s no surprise that its ideals are being applied to other aspects of life. Mindful eating allows for total focus and presence when it comes to food. This makes it a powerful tool, if achieved, for healthy choices, portion control and listening to your body. For these reasons, mindful eating may help with weight loss.

People are often eating on the go, out of convenience, when bored and for tons of other reasons and ways that lead to distracted, unhealthy choices, overeating or eating when you’re not hungry. By practicing purposeful, mindful eating, all of these habits can be reversed.

In order to eat mindfully, it’s important that all the senses are active. Take in your food by sight, smell, touch, sound and taste. Using just this step, you might reevaluate your food choice. Eating slowly, taking small bites and chewing thoroughly are also key ways to be present during your meal and to allow your body to become full. When you’re eating quickly, your stomach doesn’t have enough time to tell your brain that you’re full.

Once you’ve learned to appreciate eating, you’ll be more aware of your choices. That means both the nutrition and the source. Making sure you know where your food comes from is also an important part of mindful eating.

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