Calisthenics for beginners

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Price: £5
Duration:   30 Hours
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Hosted by:   Ryan Sloan

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What we'll do

If you are looking to keep fit and get in shape but need something that can work around your busy schedule and doesn't require any equipment then Calithenics is for you This is a beginners guide to the basics of calisthenics and you will be doing: - Pump:Reps and sets - these exercises are designed to get your body accustomed to blood circulating and oxygen to the muscles - Circuits - these dynamic circuits combine 4 different exercises one after another for 15 mins and are to be done 1 after the other. - Tabata - these style exercises were created to be one of the most time and energy efficient ways of training. It is the epitome of HIIT - High intensity Interval Training. You will work continuously for 4 mins. - Supersets - Designed to take your body to the next level of performance, you will do one exercise followed by another with no rest. - Cardio - Not a favourite for most people - but cardio is more than just burning, by having good cardiovascular endurance you will be able to push harder in everything you do - pump, circuits etc etc
Your host: Ryan Sloan
Hi, I'm Ryan and I work for PVLSE. I am very passionate about both my work and exercise - and I feel that I've managed to find the perfect balance and I want to share this with everyone. My calisthenics journey started when I realised that I need to find a sport that would allow me flexibility of workouts, that I could do whenever and wherever without the need for (much) equipment. Calisthenics has helped me achieve this and I want to share my blueprint with everyone who is experiencing the same things. I also love travelling, eating out (when lockdown is finished especially) and movies - a bit of passion of mine.

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