AMA (Ask Me Anything) with PVLSE Founder

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Duration:   30 Minutes
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Hosted by:   Maria Rybak

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What we'll do

Ask Me Anything! Join this interactive session where you can get your burning questions answered about anything related to - Entrepreneurship - Making the first step towards starting your own business - Running a business effectively - Marrying your side-hustle with your main job - Time management and so much more. This is also an opportunity to find out more about my personal journey. However, this session is dedicated to YOU - I’m here to answer your queries as best I can. This pvlse will have a very flexible structure where it will depend on what the group wants to know - I will take a few questions at the start to get a feel for the topics to be covered but there will be opportunities to ask follow on questions during the session.
Your host: Maria Rybak
Hi, I'm Maria the Founder & CEO of PVLSE. I'm super excited to have you here and am looking forward to being on this journey with you. I started PVLSE because I felt trapped in a job that wasn't bringing me joy. I was longing for a platform like PVLSE, that would enable me to test my ideas, share my skills and start a business. So my goal is to empower people to become entrepreneurs and help them make the first step, and every step after that, towards success. I'm passionate about seeing become the best versions of themselves. I love what I do and work doesn't feel like work, and I wish for everyone to achieve this level of satisfaction in their lives. And if PVLSE can contribute to that then we've done our job right. About me: I'm a Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu Blue belt, big foodie, love hiking, and I paint.

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