What is the best sales methodology for you?

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Having worked in sales for over 15+ years and worked in many different industries I have experienced most sales techniques - from challenger selling to fundamentals like SPIN selling. Quite often there is a confusing as to what is the best sales technique to employ - in this pvlse I will run through the SPIN, SNAP, Challenger and Solution selling. Questions are welcome through to the talk so please do ask.
Your host: Ryan Sloan
Hi, I'm Ryan and I work for PVLSE. I am very passionate about both my work and exercise - and I feel that I've managed to find the perfect balance and I want to share this with everyone. My calisthenics journey started when I realised that I need to find a sport that would allow me flexibility of workouts, that I could do whenever and wherever without the need for (much) equipment. Calisthenics has helped me achieve this and I want to share my blueprint with everyone who is experiencing the same things. I also love travelling, eating out (when lockdown is finished especially) and movies - a bit of passion of mine.

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