Learn Videography basics in a few simple steps.

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Price: £10
Duration:   45 Hours
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Hosted by:   Anthony Edralin

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What we'll do

Where do I start...? This is possibly what you are thinking - and the answer is here! Videography is often perceived as a lot more complicated than it really is - in some ways it is as simple as point and shoot - quite a lot of the aftercare (effects) ensure the video comes up the way you want - irrelevant of weather, lighting and other miscellaneous issues. For the first few sessions we will be looking at short-form video content which is most commonly used in media both social and business. All you will need is a camera - it can be your phone or a more professional option at this point as we will only be running through the basics however my recommendation is nothing below 720p - 1080p would be ideal from a quality perspective. And lots of enthusiasm! By the end of the lesson you will have learnt some of the general functions that affect content and are universal functions on most video equipment - you might not be producing 1st class video documentaries immediately but you'll definitely have a great video recording of the next birthday or Christmas.
Your host: Anthony Edralin
Hi I'm Anthony and thank you for coming to my profile. If you're here it means you share some of the same passions as me. I've always been an entrepreneur and I'm constant looking at new ways to better myself and others. I am a very keen sports enthusiast and set up my first project (VictoryLDN) to help people get into sports. My second passions is Videography it's something I've been into since I got my first camera and have developed my skills over the years running campaigns predominately for some very established estate agents.

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