Singing beginnings - loop vocals

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Price: £30
Duration:   45 Minutes
Date and time:
Hosted by:   Yazmin Hendrix

Online event - The link will be provided after joining

What we'll do

Hopefully you've sung before - if you haven't I would probably suggest looking out for my upcoming pvlse which is for those who haven't sung before. This pvlse is more suited for intermediate level singers who want to add something extra - using their own voice. The basic equipment you will need A microphone Amp and speaker A loop device (any helicon model should do - I used the TC Helicon Live Play quite often) And your creative juices bubbling. After assessing your style - we will then work on various different loops seeing which fit best with your style.
Your host: Yazmin Hendrix
Hi I'm Yazmyn and I am a solo artist originally from London and I use mainly my voice, some percussion, and various effects pedals to create my musical environment. I'm an experimental multi-genre singer and songwriter who writes simple songs about complex things; love, life, reality and dreams.

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