BlowDry Basics

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Price: £10
Duration:   45 Minutes
Date and time:
Hosted by:   Kirsty O'Brien

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What we'll do

Blowdry Basics will show you some basic quick skills you can use when you need to do your hair with short notice but still want it to look as glam as possible with the just out of the salon feel. I would recommend a GHD dryer (nozzle not necessary) - but if you don't have a GHD then any hair dryer should be ok still. If you can get a diffuser this will help with the hair prep removing most of the water. You will also need a round bristle brush - this will give you the most flexibility with all hair types but have a flat comb ready too. I do specialise in Keratin Blowdrys but the techniques I will show you will be fine for anyone, I will do specific sessions for the different types of blowdrys later on. Feel free to ask any questions as we go along - or just follow what I do.
Your host: Kirsty O'Brien
Hello and welcome, I'm Kirsty and I'm a professional hairdresser. I've always had a passion for cutting and my speciality is in cutting and styling especially for Weddings and other big occasions. I also like to travel and make up is another big favourite of mine.

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