Violet Flame Meditation & Healing

by Francesca Raffa
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21 February 2021

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Do you feel low in your vibration lately? Perhaps feeling heavy…but not sure why? I invite you to join this violet flame visualisation and healing session to raise your vibration and to help clear and purify any negative “karma” or blockages right at their root on a soul level.

We will be connecting to the violet flame energy through a visualisation meditation. The violet flame is a powerful tool to prepare our states of mind, change our moods, emotions, and feelings. It’s physically and emotionally healing and brings ease, harmony, and spiritual growth. The colour violet has the highest vibrational frequency and corresponds with the Crown Chakra, our connection with the Divine, and the infinite compassion and peace of Source.

What the session consists of:

- Connecting to Violet flame energy
- Visualisation Meditation
- Violet flame healing

Benefits from the session:

- Clearing our negative karma
- Raising our energetic vibration and consciousness
- Cleansing our auric field from negative attachments & energy
- Deep healing for our body, spirit, and soul
- Feeling lighter and more positive

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