Life Coach and NLP Practitioner

by Luana Landolt
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11 April 2021

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Offering much lower rates to reach out to those who’ve been struggling due to the Pandemic. We all deserve help.

As a Life Coach and NLP Practitioner from the London School, I mainly focus on empowering people by providing them with a toolbox that helps them to challenge unhelpful beliefs allowing them lead the life they want.

I believe that each and everyone of us have the resources they need bring about change and success and during my sessions, I will help individuals find and shed a different light on these resources to make them work for them in the most efficient and effortless manner.

It can be on case by case or long-term basis/issue but shifts are guaranteed to happen from the 1st session - if not, 100% refundable.

Let me help you be the best you!

Luana Landolt

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