TechnologyThe Internet of Actions and The Future of Technology

July 18, 2018by PVLSE0

We currently live in the age of the Internet of Things. This term doesn’t have a clear definition, but it is widely accepted that the Internet of Things (IoT) is the constantly growing network of devices and pieces of technology that are connected to the internet. IoT includes the obvious devices like cell phones, laptops and tablets, but also refers to smart refrigerators, cars and other connectable gadgets that contribute to the flow of data and information. Though the number of IoT devices is increasing rapidly, there is another phase of the internet on the rise that is arguably the future of technology.

Many believe that we are on the brink of adopting the Internet of Actions (IoA). This shift is towards a type of mixed reality world in which technology and humans forge forward together largely through artificial intelligence (AI). Todd Richmond, the director of USC’s Mixed Reality Lab, says that a big part of IoA depends upon trust. Humans already trust technology for aspects of life like navigation, weather and research, but taking the jump to trusting driverless cars or chatbots for customer service, for example, have a bit more gravity. Richmond and the researchers at his lab are working on algorithms that can judge a right decision from a wrong one and learn from experiences, which may help humans to trust AI in the future. The stronger the trust is, the closer society will be to a complete IoA.

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